IMPORTANT: The children's last day is Friday 19th July. They return on Wednesday 4th September.

High Expectations lead to High Achievers

Curriculum The curriculum at Bayside Academy provides the perfect mix of knowledge, creativity and skills development to promote excellence and enjoyment of learning.

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We believe that exciting, engaging lessons, adapted individually to each child’s needs are the best way to ensure every child succeeds.

Reading, Writing and Maths are taught daily in our school, ensuring that all children develop the key skills they will need. These skills are then used in other subjects, giving children opportunities to refine, practise and apply their knowledge. All teachers tailor their lessons carefully to ensure that every child can access the curriculum – whatever their ability – in order to succeed.

Our curriculum will enable each child to not only enjoy their education but also to make progress and achieve.

At Bayside Academy, every child is important and deserves success. We will support and help every child to become the best they can possibly be. We want each child to:

  • Have high expectations of what they can and will achieve
  • Achieve the very best they can
  • Make progress in their learning
  • Have a positive attitude towards their learning
  • Have a healthy lifestyle
  • Feel safe and secure
  • Be proud of their school and their uniform
  • Be polite, kind and helpful members of the community

But most of all to…

  • Enjoy school!

At Bayside Academy, we endeavour to achieve all of this, for all our children.

Bayside Academy’s approach to the teaching of reading

Alongside our Guided Reading sessions in KS1, Bayside Academy use the synthetic phonics scheme Read Write Inc. It is a phonics-based approach to reading which allows children to progress at a rate individual to them. By learning the smallest sounds, children can break down unknown words to read fluently, as well as, learning words that cannot be sounded out. The aim is to become a successful and independent reader, ensuring children have a love of books and an enjoyment of reading.

Bayside Academy Reading Schemes

Reading in Reception and Key Stage 1
Reading skills in the lower school are taught mostly through Ruth Miskin’s Read Write, Inc. phonic scheme. The children begin learning letter sounds in Reception and put them together to read simple words. They also learn some key words, which cannot be sounded out. They move on to reading very short stories, called ‘ditties’, followed by longer and longer texts over the next 2 or 3 years, until they are fluent. They also answer questions about the texts that they have read. All of this is done in the context of a small group, set according to the children’s own reading confidence.

In addition to Read, Write Inc., the children take part in daily group reading activities. They read a levelled book independently, or to an adult and learn to answer questions and respond to what they have read.

Children bring home a levelled reading book each night to read at home. Parents are required to spend 5-10 minutes each night helping their children to read and answer questions about their book. These books are from a wide range of reading schemes, to give the children the experience of different texts.